Presbytery Structure

At the current time, the Moreton Rivers Presbytery has the following Committees:

  • Standing Committee
  • Resourcing Committee
  • Education and Equipping Committee
  • Pastoral Relations Committee

Each of these Committees meets at regular intervals during the year. These Committees deal with most of the business of the Presbytery and bring recommendations and motions to the full Presbytery Meetings.

Committees meet on dates nominated by the Chairperson of that committee. They work through the details of business, deal with any correspondence, and prepare reports & recommendations for the presbytery meetings. Committees may need to hold extraordinary (special) meetings should urgent matters for immediate attention arise. Committees have the right to act on behalf of the Presbytery, if the business cannot wait for scheduled Presbytery Meetings.

Task Groups are sometimes formed and these groups meet on dates nominated by their convenor and may also call special meetings of their groups if necessary to meet emergent situations.