Presbytery Committees

Standing Committee:

The Standing Committee meets around 7 times a year to discuss matters arising within the Presbytery. It requires attending the Standing Committee meetings (which are currently on a Tuesday from 10am to midday or 1pm-3pm) Time commitment would be approximately 3 hours on the months that the Standing Committee meets and includes: attending meetings, reading the minutes, attending to any jobs given to you at the meeting, preparing a report etc.

Under our current governance system, the Presbytery in session elects the Chairperson of Presbytery, the Convenors of all Presbytery Committees (3 Committees at present), and the Presbytery Secretary, Treasurer and Property Officer. The Presbytery in session also calls the Presbytery Minister.

These elected people (together with 2 elected lay representatives) form the Standing Committee, which then has responsibility and empowerment to oversee the selection process for membership of Presbytery committees.

Pastoral Relations Committee:

The Pastoral Relations Committee (PRC) provides a pastoral and oversight role within the life of the Presbytery. PRC meets monthly and includes a team of ministry agents and lay representatives. Among other things PRC is involved with overseeing relations between ministry agents and congregations and is also involved in the placements process of ministry agents.

Educating & Equipping Committee:

The Educating and Equipping Committee provides support and oversight for the education and youth and children’s ministry within the life of the presbytery. This team, along with each of the committees, is involved in helping the Presbytery live out it’s vision of encouraging and equipping God’s people for God’s mission.

Resourcing Committee:

The Resourcing Committee of the Moreton Rivers Presbytery is responsible for the governance of our collective financial and property assets. We are charged with the support function for congregations in their building and maintenance works for church buildings, both worship centres, halls and manses, and other property assets held for the use of the congregations within the Presbytery. We are also the group that help set the Mission and Service Fund allocations for each Congregation, receive copies of audited statements from each congregation and support congregations in their use of capital funds and borrowings.

Resourcing Committee Nominations:
There are currently positions available on the Presbytery Resourcing Committee.  The Resourcing Committee is currently seeking a Property Convenor to join the team. Property Convenor responsibilities can be found here: Property convenor role description

If you are interested in nominating for one of these positions or you have someone in mind – please fill out a nomination form (see link below) and return to Mr Alan McLennan (email to the email address.)

Nomination Form – Resourcing committee